Erroneous Views or Extreme Views of Sanctification

ANTINOMIANISM comes from term comes “anti” (against) and “nomos” (law). It is the belief that one is saved by personal faith alone and that subsequent spiritual life is not subject to any external moral requirement. It is a perversion of the Augustinian maxim, “Love God and do as you please.” The book of James attacks the antinomian ideas of some early Christians.

QUIETISM views the Holy Spirit as the sole agent of sanctification, and individual effort on the part of the believer is vain and meaningless.

LEGALISM is a mindless following of the Law in belief that one thereby earns merit. On the one hand, it entails a refusal to go beyond the formal or literal requirements of the Law. On the other hand, it is a type of Pharisaism adding prevailing social conditions or expectations as characteristics of a holy life.

PERFECTIONISM is reaching a spiritual plain where one no longer sins. The following views of sanctification address this concept.

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