Attempts to Explain the Trinity

God is a God of order and economy. Liberals would illustrate the Godhead in rational ways, such as the Trinity is like H2O, which appears in the form of water, ice and steam, but in each form is H2O. Some liken the Trinity to three triplets, who are born at the same time and run one organization: One is President, One is Personal Manager, and One is Publicity. These illustrations fall short.

It is common among Christians to divide the work of God among the Three Persons, applying the work of creation to the Father, the work of redemption to the Son, and the work of sanctification to the Spirit. A more correct way of speaking is to say that each member of the Triunity cooperates in each work. It appears that all Three Persons performed the role of Creator: The Father (Psalm 102:24-25), The Son (Colossians 1:16), and the Spirit (Job 33). All Three persons brought about the resurrection of Christ: The Father (Acts 2:32), The Son (John 10:17-18), and the Spirit (Romans 1:4). All Three Persons are involved in the work of salvation (Hebrews 9:14). It should be noted that some question the presence of the Third Person in the passages cited as pointed out in the section Names and Titles of the Spirit.

“How can a man of your mental caliber believe that three equal one?” chided Daniel Webster’s assistant. Webster replied, “I do not pretend fully to understand the arithmetic of heaven now.” We believe in the doctrine of the Three in One, not because we understand it, but because the Bible teaches it. No one has ever solved rationally this mystery of the Triunity, and no one ever will. All purely rational solutions have resulted in heresy.


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