The Spirit and the Godhead

To prove the Spirit’s deity is to prove His position in the Trinity. The names and titles of the Spirit
manifest His distinctive work in the Godhead, as well as His mutual relationship to the Father and
the Son. Though the Spirit was an active Agent of the Godhead from the beginning, He has taken a
more significant role with humanity from Pentecost. Therefore, the book of Acts has been identified
as “The Acts of the Spirit.”

The deity of the Holy Spirit is inextricably bound up with the doctrine of the Trinity. A denial of
one is a denial of the other. Conversely, belief in the Trinity necessitates a belief in the deity of
the Holy Spirit (Moody Bible Handbook of Theology 249).

The Father, the Son and the Spirit are coequally God. Although God the Son took to Himself a
human nature through the incarnation, the Holy Spirit does not sustain the same relationship to Jesus
Christ as our spirit does to us. The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ are two separate persons, but my
spirit and I are not.

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