The Spirit in the Believer

We live in an age where the evangelism process and the Gospel have been reduced to a few basic questions and answers:

1. “Do you believe you are a sinner?” “Yes.”
2. “Do you believe Christ died for sinners?” “Yes.”
3. “Will you receive Him as your Savior?” “Yes.”
4. “Then you are saved!” “I am?”
5. “Yes, the Bible says you are saved.”

There are several significant things missing in the above approach. A careful exegesis of the first presentation of the Gospel by Peter on the day of Pentecost reveals the following (Acts 2:14-41):

1. The necessity of repentance—turning from self to God
2. The resurrection of Christ—the basis of eternal life and abundant life
3. The necessity of being baptized (identified with Christ’s death and resurrection)—for the forgiveness of sins and the receiving of the gift of the Holy Spirit for new life
4. The Lordship of Christ—a decision to become a disciple of Jesus—to confess Him as Lord
5. The necessity of calling on the name of the Lord to be saved

Repentance and faith are inseparable. Christ is not to be accepted merely as Savior, but the Savior from sin. To be saved from sin, Jesus must be Lord, and to be Lord, one must have the gift of the Holy Spirit, who gives new birth through regeneration.

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