Editor’s note

I am pleased to present yet another Bible study by Pastor Bob Conway.  Like other studies I have done my best to format Bob’s original books online.  I believe that I have managed to maintain 99% of the original book format.  Where there are complicated charts I have included these as images within the text.

The one thing that doesn’t translate online is the Greek and Hebrew words.  Probably most of you reading this won’t be concerned by it.  I have removed the Greek and Hebrew where I can but there are numerous references to certain words that look like complete gibberish.  These would be the Greek and Hebrew words.  It’s best to just overlook these whenever possible.

You’ll find this study to be simply to read as a book if you just follow the pages on the right.  Odds are though you’re just looking for a particular topic and that’s great too.  Aside from the obvious advantage of being able to share this work with a lot of people online, there is the ability to search for topics as well.

I find this study to be one of the most interesting ones I’ve posted because it hits on a number of popular questions in Christianity including an examination of the trinity, the fruit of the Spirit, and gifts of the Spirit.  This study also delves into the more controversial topic of speaking in tongues.  I hope everyone enjoys the work that has been put into this Bible study.